The secret to reapplying sunscreen!

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May 29, 2020
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One of the most annoying things about sunscreen is that it only lasts a few hours before you have to put it on all over again.

Sometimes, the day gets so busy, other times your hands feel so filthy and you just can’t touch your face or maybe you have a full face of makeup.

Reapplying sunscreen is just as important as applying sunscreen in the first place so here’s what we suggest.

Start your mornings with a good application of your favourite broad-spectrum sunscreen especially if you know you’re going to be outdoors in direct sunlight for any significant amount of time during peak hours (10am to 4pm)

For reapplying, these are my current favorite products:

  1. Colorescience sunforgettable powder sunscreen.
  2. Tarte mineral powder sunscreen.
  3. Brush on Block Sunscreen Translucent mineral powder sunscreen.
  4. Jane Iredale Sunscreen – Powder me SPF (Dey Sunscreen)
  5. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral broad spectrum spf

Powder sunscreen goes on like any face powder, except it contains the same mineral ingredients that are in mineral sunscreens. That is, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. 

They are also known as “dry sunscreen,” it’s the least likely option to muck up your makeup. 

What’s more ? Most powder sunscreens come in a handy portable format, so you don’t need to carry around a separate brush.

I always keep one of these in my purse in the summertime.

What are you waiting for ?😆





How do i buy the sunscreen powder please?

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