By thewe
March 8, 2020
1 min read

Ada can’t seem to get a promotion at her office because she has been pregnant twice.

Tobi is an athlete who gets paid less than half of what her male counterpart earns.

Fatima is a student who constantly tolerates sexual advances to get good grades.

Owobi loves coding but she’s only ever regarded as’ good ‘for a girl’.

Osarieme’s ride requests get cancelled a lot because of her gender.

Yolanda can’t get in the club without a man by her side.

6 different women whose experiences mirror that of millions of women across the globe. 6 different scenarios where women somehow end up a few steps behind a man but not beside.

So on the 8th of march every year, women around the world hold hands and take a stand for every woman- to remind you that you are beautiful, confident, strong, hardworking,  compassionate, motivated and equal!

Happy International Women’s day. We stand #eachforequal.

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