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February 10, 2020
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Topical steroids are available in creams and lotions which are most commonly used in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and many skin conditions to reduce skin inflammation.

A very commonly used topical steroid is Hydrocortisone. 

What is Hydrocortisone?

Hydrocortisone belongs to a class of drugs called glucocorticoids or adrenocorticoids. Hydrocortisone is often prescribed by a doctor for short term use in the treatment of mild inflammatory skin conditions. Although a steroid, when used in small doses for a short period, hydrocortisone is an effective treatment for certain skin conditions. 

How does Hydrocortisone work?

Hydrocortisone works by reducing skin inflammation and helps soothe skin itchiness. If there is no significant improvement in the skin condition after seven days, it is strongly recommended that you speak to your doctor and discontinue the use of the product, as long term use of hydrocortisone may cause side effects; which include skin thinning, stretch marks and increased hair growth on the affected area. 

Never self-prescribe hydrocortisone creams for inflammatory skin conditions, especially on the face. When used on the face, hydrocortisone cream can make the affected skin condition worse. 


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