By thewe
July 2, 2019
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Cortisone shots are administered to help shrink large, inflammatory acne cysts. The treatment quickly reduces inflammation, flattens and heals the breakout in 24- 48 hours. The technical term is Intralesional corticosteroid injection, but most people call it cortisone shots or cyst injections. The procedure is quick but can be painful!

I had never gotten cortisone shots before so I wasn’t too sure what to expect,

The first thing you should know about Cortisone shots is that it is painful, at least my experience was, because it literally feels like getting an injection on your buttocks!

The second thing you should know is that some people will notice a “sunken appearance” where the pimple used to be, but it usually fades away within a few weeks. In some cases, some people can develop Atrophy aka (thinning of the skin) or hypo pigmentation – when the injected area gets lighter than other areas.

My Results:

The shots worked like magic, within 24 hours, the four huge zits on my face had reduced dramatically, within 48 hours, they had all disappeared, it worked like a dream. It’s been three weeks since I got the shots, I have broken out a little bit since then (due to aunty flora), so cortisone shots don’t prevent future breakouts, but It drastically reduced the stubborn inflamed, cystic acne I was having. I did develop hypo-pigmentation on my chin, which still has not cleared up! so, my verdict is, cortisone shots are great for emergencies and for stubborn, inflamed breakouts, but it is not advisable to get them frequently. I certainly won’t be getting cortisone shots in the future, UNLESS it’s a hopeless situation!

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