By thewe
In Skin
February 6, 2019
1 min read

Why can’t I have clear skin? Or just okay skin!! Most women have pondered this more often than not. I am one of them. My skin issues commenced during my last year of University, I was breaking out in massive bumps all over my face. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I started researching, and found out I had cystic acne, I tried everything, from peels, creams, ACCUTANE (more about this later), birth control, various diets, name it, I had used it all! My face was constantly breaking out on and off for three to four years with no sign of clear skin.

The big question is,  how bad was my skin? What treatments are available for acne and how effective are they? What worked for me? How do I currently maintain my skin? What is cystic acne? Are there other types of acne? Why do some people get it and some rarely do? Come back for the first look of my amazing transformation…

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