By thewe
September 15, 2020
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With a vast range of ingredients and brands in the beauty industry,

It can be tough to pinpoint the most suitable ingredients for your skin concerns,

That’s where we come in, so keep reading!


Blemish/acne prone skin:

When it comes to this skin type, it is important to remember, not to OVERDO it.

All you need is an ingredient like niacinamide, known for its regenerative, oil balancing, pore cleansing, and redness calming properties. Another contender is zinc, Niacinamide and zinc work together to calm inflammation, decongest pores, and banish blemishes.

Few good examples:

  • The ordinary zinc & niacinamide serum
  • The inkey list Niacinamide
  • Skinceuticals metacell renewal B3
  • Paula’s choice 10% niacinamide booster

Dry/dehydrated/dull skin: 

Dry skin is a pesky one because several factors can contribute to dry/dehydrated skin, and inevitably, when your skin is dry and dehydrated, it automatically appears dull and lackluster, we don’t want that! So, here are a few great contenders to combat this skin concern,

Few good examples:

  • Corsx Advanced snail 92 all in one cream – (shop in-store
  • Trilogy organic rosehip oil – (shop in-store)
  • Lait crème concentrate – Embryolisse – (shop in store)
  • Fresh vitamin glow juice antioxidant face serum
  • Jordan Samuel hydrate facial serum

So, there you have it! I hope that helps!

Some of the products listed are available, just click on the “new products” tab on drop-down menu!


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