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August 4, 2020
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A lot of people struggle with puffy eyes and there are many reasons for this.
I recently had a face beat session with a professional makeup artist and when I woke up the next day, my eyes were so puffy that it almost looked like I had a boil.
I eventually realized that I was probably reacting to the mascara and eyeliner she used on my eyes ​(if you’re sharing mascara or eyeliner please stop it. Thanks )
Moving on…
This incident got me thinking about what actually causes puffy eyes because this definitely wasn’t the first time I had noticed it.
Now that I know, I’d like to share it with you.

Causes of Puffy Eyes
1. Water Retention- This is when excess fluid builds up inside your body. It is also known as fluid retention or edema. Your diet, menstrual cycle, and genetics play a huge role in this. You should reduce your salt, alcohol, and dairy intake daily to prevent your body from retaining water.
2. Genetics- Under-eye “bags” might just run in your family. Aging and genetics can cause tissues around the eyes to weaken. This leads to fat moving into the lower eyelids, making them look swollen.
3. Stress- Puffy eyes are caused by a lack of sleep, or due to crying. Stress, fatigue, and allergies may all contribute to puffy eyes, which can obstruct your vision and become uncomfortable.
4. Allergies- You may have seasonal allergies or maybe you’re allergic to eye creams which may cause swelling and fluid build-up around the eye.
I bet you’re wondering ‘so why do I have puffy eyes when I wake up?’
Well, here’s why: Blinking for eyelids is like walking for legs. Basically, when your eyes are not active, they may get puffy but once you wake up and start blinking it’ll reduce drastically. Trust me.

You know the Why. Now here’s the how to get rid of Puffy Eyes:
1. Eye creams with caffeine, hyaluronic acid, sea algae, and plankton are ingredients you should look out for.
2. Giving yourself mini facial massages will help to enhance blood circulation. 3. Drink water to prevent dehydration
4. Apply cucumber slices or chilled tea bags over closed eyes.
5. Get some sleep!!!
6. Reduce your salt intake!!! Say bye-bye to those puffy eyes

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